I guess I’ve always been a drama queen! From an early age, I’ve loved putting on a show, performing to anyone who would watch and listen to me. My mother fuelled my passion, enrolling me in the King Slocombe Stage school in Cambridge (England), which led to my being auditioned and selected for a ‘Rising Stars’ appearance on BBC Look East, a regional television talent show in the late 1970s. From there, I went on to perform at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Prince of Wales Theatre, London and Caesar’s Palace, Luton in the early 1980s. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when I set pen to paper and wrote my first play, ‘Different Corners’ that was performed at my local arts centre. This sparked a new passion, one for getting under the skin of a character and really understanding the traits and nuances that lay beneath the surface. It was a passion that led me to return to college and later university, where I eventually received a doctorate in Psychology.

These days my stage is social media. My various platforms are a means for me to entertain, educate and meet new friends along the way. I’m proud to say that I’ve become an influential social media persona (as @grattongirl), speaking and writing and being regularly featured in Social Media Today and other publications including In-Spires Lifestyle Magazine and blogcritics.org. In 2012 I won a Shorty Award (The Oscars of social media if you haven’t heard of them) for ‘The Best Twitter in Social Media’ and I am thrilled to have been named one of “Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women”. You’ll also find me listed as one of the ‘Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter’ in Social Media Marketing Magazine and in the Top 50 of The Sunday Times Social List.

I love to help brands of all sizes reach their potential through social media. I’ve written two best-selling books on the subject: Zero to 100,000 and Follow Me! I provide consultancy around the globe on everything from personal branding to proximity marketing so don’t hesitate to connect with me if there’s a digital media project that you’d like assistance with.